Polypropylene Anti Slip Floor Entrance Glory Door Mats (40 x 60 CM, Pack of 1)

 249 inc. GST

The world is moving towards a more sustainable mode of living, and what better place to begin it than your doorstep. Glory Coir doormat is a great choice for anyone looking for a natural and chic doormat that keeps the dirt in check and your home clean Green Vevo Mat.

  • Waco Creation is known for workmanship in making quality Doormats. Offer a wide range of products and designs to choose from for your home / commercial d?cors. Bringing convenient products that are easy to you use and designed with care is the key area of focus. Products that Blends well with any decor and leave a lasting impression on your guests while also ensuring that your home is clean.
    • Natural Polypropylene & Rubber Material Rubber is a tough fiber material. These Waco Creation Door mat are made of Rubber backing which makes it Extremely Durable.It has a high level of resistance to outdoor elements. It can survive general foot traffic wear and tear very well.

Brown, Maroon, Blue, Green, Grey


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